We open the doors to the brewery on the first Friday of (nearly) every month.

The doors open at 7.30 and you are welcomed to the brewery by your tour hosts for the evening. The bar is open and at this point you can have a drink or two before the tour begins.

We aim to look at no more than 20 in each tour group to ensure everyone can hear and discuss the tour. The tours are interactive, and participation is encouraged. If you have ever had a burning question about beer now is the time to ask it. If we can’t answer we will always endeavour to find out the answer for you.

The tour around the brewery usually takes around 45 mins but this can be longer or shorter depending on the tour group. It covers all the brewing process from looking at the malt and hops to the finished product at the end. All the way around samples of beer will be brought out to give you a chance to taste beer that has been unfined and straight out of tank.

At the end of the tour you’ll be brought back to the start where food will be served. We have two food options available one is beef stew that is gluten free and the other is Mediterranean vegetable, Quorn pieces spiced tomato medley which is vegan friendly and gluten free. 

Please not we will ask for any dietary requirements and intolerances when booking so we can ensure a great night for all. If you are gluten intolerant please let us know and we will ensure we have beer available for you that is gluten free, if you are vegan we will ensure the beer has come straight out of conditioning tank and has no finings in. We do have soft drinks and non-alcoholic beer available as an option for the drivers too. We will always try our best to ensure everyone can enjoy our nights.